Fairweather Receives BP Safety Award

Company is recognized for outstanding performance in safety

March 12, 2015 — Fairweather has announced that they are the recipients of the BP Cole Griggs Award for Safety. The Cole Griggs Award is given out each year to one of BP's contractors for outstanding performance in safety.

The award recognizes the outstanding safety record of Fairweather's BP Tool Service contract. One of Fairweather's longest and most successful operations, the BP Tool Service contract provides personnel for the management of BP's rig moves and coordinates the identification and delivery of drilling tools needed for oil production. The crew provides these critical services on location 365 days a year in some of Alaska's harshest working conditions. The tool services' crew has achieved an outstanding safety record with no recordable incidents since 2008, and it has been over 21 years since the occurrence of a lost time incident. In addition to attending morning and evening safety meetings, crewmembers attend over 155 hours of extra HSE training each year. Every crewmember is qualified to impose stop work authority if an unsafe situation is detected.

"BP is a great partner in safety. We thank them for recognizing the Fairweather team and stressing the importance of safety as a deeply held and shared value," said Rick Fox, President and General Manager of Edison Chouest Offshore Alaska.

For more information, contact Brian McKay, Fairweather Director of QHSE at 907-270-6804.