Remote Airstrip Support

The success of remote operations in Alaska is dependent on reliable air support.

In many cases, operators have to create their own ice runways or helipads to bring in personnel and cargo. Fairweather puts procedures in place for safe and secure navigation at these remote airstrips and staffs them with certified weather observers capable of providing medical support in addition to airport operations.

Airstrip Lighting & Navigation
Fairweather provides medium-intensity runway lighting systems, airport navigational support incorporating PLASI (Pulse Light Approach Slope Indicator) lighting systems, ground-to-air radios and other weather observation instrumentation. Fairweather also provides non-precision IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) approach certification through the FAA for long‐term remote airstrips.

Remote Airport Sets
Fairweather offers complete airport sets available for rent. Designed for fast set up and breakdown, remote airport sets are typically operated on established runways or on frozen lakes. Each of these remote airports has a full complement of lighting and navigational aids, along with weather buildings and generators. Remote airports are supported by trained weather observers who also serve as medics.